Imagination on display- The genius mind & visual anarchy of Wes Borland

Wes Borland, best known as guitarist with Limp Bizkit, firstly is a huge influence on me- not for his limp Bizkit duties but more for his various artistic side lines and musical solo work. He is a man who refuses to conform in any way to what is expected of him, hugely artistic, he displays his imagination literally by using himself as the canvas!!! whether it’s your cup of tea or not no one can refuse to be intrigued at the sight of Wes Borland on stage, it is always entertaining, waiting to see how he is going to ‘present’ himself when in attendance at one of his shows. Aside from being a musician he is a self described oil painter/visual artist and has many pieces of his art displayed on his website:

There is a hugely sarcastic streak of anarchy that flows within this complex individual- Limp bizkit were once purveyors of the ultra trendy nu mental rap rock genre, where baggies, beanies and jock fashion were the order of the day, Borland saw this and immediately distanced himself from this short lived trend, instead of down dressing and playing it safe he went nuclear with his appearance and in doing so upstaged the rest of the band and the whole era! It was a clever move as when the Bizkit recently reformed the rest of the band clearly felt embarrassed by their previous image where as Wes just carried on were he left off- by being as outlandish, imaginative and down right crazy as possible- this meant he was eternally cool as the old saying goes- if your not fashionable in the first place you can’t go out of fashion!  

Borland is responsible for all the bands artwork to date- he literally is the artistic centre of anything he’s involved in and thanks to his obscure twisted imagination the end result is always interesting if not disturbing but will always make an impression.

Musically I would highly recommend ‘Black Light Burns’ as his best work, although there are a few Bizkit songs worth sinking your teeth into, specifically ‘My Way’ and Borlands true masterpiece ‘Boiler’.

To the right, The artist known as Wes and to the left… well, can you spot the odd one out?



About High Velocity Trifle

My friends call me Sammy Lee but I was born Lee Tomlinson, I play drums in loads of bands and have done since I was 12, music is an obsession of mine, I try to balance it with my other love which is design; digital / hand drawn illustration / photography / video... I love to be creative and get excited when I see other peoples clever use of imagery, whether it be a piece of graffiti, a billboard, a magazine advertisement, brand logo design, an original/against the grain adornment of style, not to mention a well executed shamrock in the head of a pint of Guinness... What? Music and design share many similarities and as a working musician and design degree student I intend on creating work that depicts this as I try to establish myself as a graphic designer. I studied graphic design at ND level after leaving school and since then I have concentrated my efforts on playing music- this has been frustrating to say the least but also given me some incredible moments to cherish- I have some road stories and varied success with a few artists. The music industry leaves you with a very sour, synthetic taste after a while... Kinda like Sambuca but less flammable, but I was fortunate to record in many of London's legendary studio's and play in some great venues. After nearly ten years of sacrificing a decent wage (and occupation) playing music full time, I now want to focus more on my design work and put more of my artistic energy into this area/platform from which to be creative. There will always be critics and confidence breakers in every creative field but at least with creative design you don't have to deal with LSD (lead singer disease) ego platforms, dodgy promoters, touring up and down the country with hairy smelly wannabe rock stars and lugging instruments too and fro setting up only to find out the total attendance at that particular gig is the bar staff and the support band... I don't agree with that in the workplace!
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