Exit through the gift shop!

Okay so, so I’ve been waiting for this to be released for ages and here it is -The Banksy movie! It’s actually a documentary and it’s not actually about Banksy but it is made and directed by him- basically the film is not what you will expect and on second viewing it becomes apparent that it is possibly a clever media stunt by the urban artist. I’m pretty convinced that Mr Brainwash AKA- Thierry Guetta, is actually Banksy- not physically but I think he is behind his work and has created this character in order to fool the media and once again he has succeeded! Watch the movie and you will see the glaring indications of this- it all seems too unreal that an  Immigrant with not much to his name and a family to support, is able to criss cross the globe documenting urban artist’s and has 100% access to Banksy and then goes on to rip off the afore mentioned and even pastes artwork over the other creator of this movie- Shepard Fairey’s (of OBEY urban art fame) street work. Not to mention you don’t actually see Brainwash creating anything at all!

I believe that his reason for doing this is simply to claim back his credibility, prove his worth and expose the copycat artists that have become abundant since his rise to notoriety, Mr brainwash is a symbol of society and Banksy’s narration is almost a mission statement that examines the whole scene and shows respect for his fellow urban artists around the world.

It’s a facinating look into a dangerously creative underground world and I loved every minute of it and I highly recomend it but it will be interesting to see what becomes of Mr Brainwash!

About High Velocity Trifle

My friends call me Sammy Lee but I was born Lee Tomlinson, I play drums in loads of bands and have done since I was 12, music is an obsession of mine, I try to balance it with my other love which is design; digital / hand drawn illustration / photography / video... I love to be creative and get excited when I see other peoples clever use of imagery, whether it be a piece of graffiti, a billboard, a magazine advertisement, brand logo design, an original/against the grain adornment of style, not to mention a well executed shamrock in the head of a pint of Guinness... What? Music and design share many similarities and as a working musician and design degree student I intend on creating work that depicts this as I try to establish myself as a graphic designer. I studied graphic design at ND level after leaving school and since then I have concentrated my efforts on playing music- this has been frustrating to say the least but also given me some incredible moments to cherish- I have some road stories and varied success with a few artists. The music industry leaves you with a very sour, synthetic taste after a while... Kinda like Sambuca but less flammable, but I was fortunate to record in many of London's legendary studio's and play in some great venues. After nearly ten years of sacrificing a decent wage (and occupation) playing music full time, I now want to focus more on my design work and put more of my artistic energy into this area/platform from which to be creative. There will always be critics and confidence breakers in every creative field but at least with creative design you don't have to deal with LSD (lead singer disease) ego platforms, dodgy promoters, touring up and down the country with hairy smelly wannabe rock stars and lugging instruments too and fro setting up only to find out the total attendance at that particular gig is the bar staff and the support band... I don't agree with that in the workplace!
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